أكبر مركز لزراعة الشعر في مصر خبرة خمس سنوات في زراعة الشعر، نمو الشعر و علاج تساقط الشعر للرجال و السيدات زراعة الشعر بالتقسيط مع العلاج المناسب، يمكنك إستعادة شعرك و عدم فقدانه وداعاً لتساقط الشعر مع العلاج المناسب كثافة اللحية تميز اللحية الرجل البالغ، الجاد و صاحب الشخصية القوية زراعة اللحية بامكانها تصحيح، إستعادة او تغيير مظهر اللحية
Specialized in hair transplant

Welcome to Egypt Hair Clinics

The best clinic in Egypt in hair transplant using FUE

Men tends to suffer from baldness and hair loss more than women

Beard completes the man appearance and affect his social life

hair loss in women causes worrying since it affects their self confidence

The eyebrow affect the shape of a human, which is why it has great appeal

3500Successful Opration
25+Doctors and Assistant
We offer

After the operation.

  • A course of treatment for 3 months to keep the old hair from falling.
  • 12 plasma sessions.
  • Pharmaceutical bag + shampoo.
  • Lunch.
  • Written guarantee of lifetime against hair loss implanted.

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Best Doctors

Our clinic contains the best specialized doctors that guarantee the best results.


A written guarantee of lifetime against implanted hair loss and free follow up.

Best in region

We are the best clinic in Egypt and the Middle East with our previous successful operations

Best technology

We use the latest and best technologies in the field of hair transplant.

Before & After

Last TV Show

In the video, Dr. Hani Ezzat explains the stages of baldness, its types and active substances to stop the spread of genetic baldness and how to deal with the rest of the hair. It also shows the appropriate timing for the implementation of hair transplantation and a summary of the technique used in our hair transplant centers.