Hair Transplant
For women

Hair transplantation is a method that has a positive effect throughout our lives spiritually and in everything. Hair loss and complete hair loss is a situation that no one wants to try. Human can be located in the psychological weakness by hair loss or total loss. The difference between women and men in terms of hair loss is more worrying for women ..

We offer

After the operation.

  • A course of treatment for 3 months to keep the old hair from falling.
  • 12 plasma sessions.
  • Pharmaceutical bag + shampoo.
  • Lunch.
  • Written guarantee of lifetime against hair loss implanted.
Total duration of the operation 3 days
Duration of the operation 6-9 hours
Anesthesia Local anesthesia, analgesic pain
Duration of getting obvious results 6 – 12 month
Success rate %96
Who is eligible for it Any person over the age of 18 years and not suffering from diseases
Risk of operation There is no risk arising from the process
Recovery period 7-10 days

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is the eligible for hair transplantation?

It is suitable for women who suffer from the presence of baldness in their hair.

Where will the operation take place?

It will be performed by our specialists in our own hospital.

In which cases should I perform a hair transplant?

In case of hair loss and baldness in the head area.

Does hair transplant cause pain?

The process will not cause any pain or suffering.

When will the effects of the process disappear?

In the first 2-3 days, you will notice pink spots but gradually begin to fade back to normal in one week.

How Long Does Hair Transplant operation take?

Approximately 6 to 9 hours depending on the number of bulbs that will be grown and this varies depending on the doctors’ experience and abilities.

How long should I stay in hospital?

No need to stay in hospital.

How is the patient evaluated and diagnosed by doctors?

Doctor preview is required, and this preview is important for you to determine your expectations of the process.

Will the process cause bruising or swelling?

This process will not cause bruising or swelling.

What should I consider after the procedure?

The information will be explained during the process.