Hair Transplant
For men

Hair loss in men is generally in the front and top of the head, because the hair follicles in those areas affected by testosterone, which decreases with age to hair loss. As for the hair in the back area of the head, it is not affected by the testosterone, and therefore remains the most intense area for hair.

We offer

After the operation.

  • A course of treatment for 3 months to keep the old hair from falling.
  • 12 plasma sessions.
  • Pharmaceutical bag + shampoo.
  • Lunch.
  • Written guarantee of lifetime against hair loss implanted.
Total duration of the operation 3 days
Duration of the operation 6-9 hours
Anesthesia Local anesthesia, analgesic pain
Duration of getting obvious results 6 – 12 month
Success rate %96
Who is eligible for it Any person over the age of 18 years and not suffering from diseases
Risk of operation There is no risk arising from the process
Recovery period 7-10 days

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I start hair transplantation?

The first step is to send a picture of the hair or interview the patient to diagnose the condition

How much hair do I need?

The quantity of hair required varies from person to person depending on the type of scalp, the nature and amount of hair currently present in the head

How will the cultivated area look after the operation?

The area will be pinked for 7-10 days after surgery. There is usually a little redness in the cultivated areas that disappear in bites for 2-4 weeks.

Does smoking affect hair transplantation?

Smoking causes low blood flow to the scalp and thus contributes to weak wound healing. Smoking is also a factor in weak hair growth. A common recommendation is to abstain from smoking for at least one week before surgery, at least two weeks after the procedure.

What is the appropriate time to do hair transplantation?

Some patients progress to the hair transplantation very early in hair loss. In such a case, the best solution is to treat the condition with medication and wait until the transplant is necessary

How long should I wait during the procedure?

Should wait approximately 12-14 months after the first round of the operation

How long should I rest from work?

We recommend that you take at least two days leave from work after the operation. It is then a matter of personal choice. Keep in mind that there will be some swelling. Swelling can be avoided using ice packs. However, surveys are likely to be unclear. You may wear a loose hat, but if the hat is not a good choice for you, it may be best to take the vacation from one week to ten days.

After the operation, how long should I wait until I notice the results?

It takes 6-8 months to start seeing the difference. The period between the process and the growth of new hair is usually 2-3 months. Each hair has its own schedule. Therefore, the change will occur gradually. About 20% of the hair grows between the second and fourth months, while about 60-70% grows between the fifth and eighth months. The hair continues to mature for up to 18 months after the operation.

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