Beard Transplant
For men

Beard and mustache, affect the person’s attitude to social life as hair. They represent an element in social life that determines the appearance of a person, so it is essential that the beard and mustache be fully developed

We offer

After the operation.

  • A course of treatment for 3 months to keep the old hair from falling.
  • 12 plasma sessions.
  • Pharmaceutical bag + shampoo.
  • Lunch.
  • Written guarantee of lifetime against hair loss implanted.
Total duration of the operation 3 days
Duration of the operation 3-5 hours
Anesthesia Local anesthesia, analgesic pain
Duration of getting obvious results 4 – 6 month
Success rate %96
Who is eligible for it Any person over the age of 18 years and not suffering from diseases
Risk of operation There is no risk arising from the process
Recovery period 7-10 days

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is the person that should be implanted beard?

The most common causes of cultivation for people who have bald beard or scattered and not dense. The beard can be implanted when the hormones are leveled at basal levels starting at the age of 20-22. In addition, it can be applied to those who have empty areas of hair in the beard area. The mustache is also grown for those who have not fully grown

Where will the operation take place?

Will be conducted in our hospital by professional medical staff.

In which cases should I implant a beard?

If the hair does not grow in the beard or grows slightly, or if you don’t like the beard and want to be more attractive you can implant the beard.

Does any pain or redness result from the operation?

There is no pain or redness resulting from the operation

When will the effects of the process disappear?

Hair follicles cultivated, continue to grow. After 4-6 months of implantation, if the mustache is sporadic, the hair can be implanted again. The process of transplanting the mustache, as a process even it is short, should be performed by an expert to prevent the unintended consequences.

What is the appropriate time to do hair transplantation?

It takes 3-4 hours

How long should I stay in hospital?

After the procedure you can leave, there is no need to stay in the hospital.

How is the patient evaluated by doctors?

During the medical examination, the patient’s expectations are important to be transferred to the specialist physicians.

Will the process cause bruising or swelling?

This process will not cause bruising or swelling.

What should I consider after the procedure?

After transplanting the beard, there will be no effects on the neck or on the body. During implantation, the needle penetrates into the area and the blood clots will cause a dark red color. This light red spots will disappear in 1-2 weeks. After the second week, some of the part of the beard and mustache planted fall down, so-called shock loss. After the temporary loss, after 4-8 months the entire hair that fell would grow again. The results are natural and durable.