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Hello and welcome to Egypt Hair Clinics. The best clinics in Egypt in hair transplant using FUE. It is considered the best method that gives the best and fastest results with minimal risks. We offers follow up with every patient and a certificate of guarantee  for life time.

In this video. Dr Hany Ezzat explains the hair loss stages and how to act in every stage. It is so important to consult a doctor in early stages

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In the video, Dr. Hani Ezzat explains the stages of baldness, its types and active substances to stop the spread of genetic baldness and how to deal with the rest of the hair. It also shows the appropriate timing for the implementation of hair transplantation and a summary of the technique used in our hair transplant centers.


3500Successful Opration
25+Doctors and Assistant
We offer

After the operation.

  • A course of treatment for 3 months to keep the old hair from falling.
  • 12 plasma sessions.
  • Pharmaceutical bag + shampoo.
  • Lunch.
  • Written guarantee of lifetime against hair loss implanted.